At Foodlink we understand that the success of our business depends upon the health of the environment. With our commitment to MSC and HACCAP, we are in the process of becoming leaders in sustainable business practices.

We took the following measures as our practical steps to reduce footprint.

  • All our packaging is made of recyclable materials.
  • We use non-waxed recyclable boxes.
  • We support industry standards for sustainable fishing and encourage consumer awareness of endangered species.


Foodlink is proud to be the 1st seafood wholesale distributor in the Sydney region with certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

MSC an eco-labelling organization designed to ensure that seafood is traced back to sustainable fishery.


We are conscious of our Garbage waste and are putting systems in place with the aim of decreasing our wastage output by 75% within the next 12 months.

With an extensive and diverse range of products for our broad base of customers, we are committed to continually streamlining and perfecting operations.


At Foodlink we pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail.
When you choose us as your primary food service supplier you can be confident you will receive the best quality products in the market on time.

With our mobile ordering app, you can place your order from anywhere and at anytime. We have confidence, that if we don’t have your desired product in stock,
we will happily order it in for you. We have personnel standing by to attend to your enquiries, 6 days a week.


With our rapid growth over the years, Foodlink Australia continues to source the freshest seafood, along with our other umbrella categories of Dairy, Dry Goods, Frozen and Chilled.

We go to great lengths to execute our foodservice distribution that not only ensures but exceeds customer satisfaction.


At Foodlink Australia we are committed to operate and comply with the highest foodservice industry certifications.

We uphold our product integrity and foodservice capability by endorsing these standards throughout our operation.


  • “The freshest and finest food, along with the very best service in the industry. The Foodlink Australia app just made the experience that much better and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with our favorite suppliers!”

    Hugh – Executive Chef

    Windsor RSL
  • “We order our frozen, dry goods and seafood from Foodlink Australia and have become accustomed to the exceptional food quality and outstanding customer service they provide. We have a fantastic partnership with Foodlink Australia and look forward to many years of business with them!”

    Amin – Head Chef

    Cronulla RSL
  • “My years of industry experience allow me to rank Foodlink Australia as the leading food distributor in Sydney. The Foodlink Australia app has changed the way we do business for the better. It saves us time and allows me to quickly and accurately order exactly what I need right from my mobile phone. It tells me what I need and when saving time and money.”

    Gavin – Head Chef

    South Sydney Juniors